Reclaimed Furniture

Reclaimed Furniture

Make us your go-to reclaimed furniture retailer


'Reclaimed furniture' - you might have heard the term bandied about from time to time, but what is it? If 'reclaimed' in this context sounds like one of those trendy 'eco' buzzwords like 'reuse' or 'recycle', that's because it sort-of is. It refers to furniture that makes use of already-existent timber that would otherwise go to waste - and rest assured that many millions of tonnes of timber do go to waste every year.


We are a proud reclaimed furniture retailer here at Trading Boundaries, offering not only impressive showrooms at our East Sussex base, but also a comprehensive online shop, through which you can purchase the latest Indian furniture, coffee tables, antique chests, shelving, storage and mirrors that come into our stock every day.


In the case of our own store, the term 'reclaimed furniture' may not refer strictly to the timber being reused for a new piece, but instead to desirable items of furniture that appeal to us visually and which we feel are deserving of a new, loving home - however many scuffs or scratches they may have sustained in their working life to date.


Indeed, a whole culture has sprung up around 'shabby chic' and the love that many people - including the visitors to our gorgeous showrooms - have for more 'careworn' furniture and other home furnishings. Our own love for the style is a big factor in us becoming a reclaimed furniture retailer in the first place - but it's far from the only thing that we love about these desirable pieces.


You see, here at Trading Boundaries, we believe in doing our bit to make the world a better place. Where so many of the big name furniture stores focus on satisfying the insatiable customer demand for cheap furniture items that simply results in the constant tearing down of the world's most valuable forests by unethical logging companies, we celebrate the greater sustainability of reclaimed furniture.


There are so many reasons to make Trading Boundaries your go-to reclaimed furniture retailer. A visit to our showrooms is an experience in itself, given their situation in a beautiful Georgian manor house in an appealingly rural and picturesque corner of East Sussex. The collections themselves, however, are no less spectacular, encompassing the finest reclaimed items for your living room, dining room, bedroom or office.


Don't forget that you can now also shop online for our one-of-a-kind items that have helped to make us the reclaimed furniture retailer of choice for lovers of home furnishings based both within and far outside Sussex! Pick up your latest bargain reclaimed furniture piece today at Trading Boundaries.